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About Us

Las Vegas Presort LLC is a minority own and operated business that originated from the belief that the great City of Las Vegas needed a choice when it came to Automating and Processing Mail. Furthermore the goal of Las Vegas Presort is to render the best savings including customer service. We will offer the mailing community the best choices when it comes to all of their mailing needs. This goal is achieved through both in-house processes as well as partnerships with many local vendors. Networking in many different circles is what allows Las Vegas Presort to be the premier choice when it comes to business mail.

Las Vegas Presort LLC Operations Facilities is located less than 10 minutes away from the Main U.S.P.S. Business Mail Entry Unit. We provide a host of capabilities, all dedicated with some goals in mind, such as providing a secure, cost effective and efficient mail process while entering the United States Postal Service – Today!


Some of our valued customers are:

State and Local Government Agencies

Utilities Companies


Banks and Credit Unions

Medical Institutions and Hospitals

Major Casinos

Small Businesses

Direct Mailers

Law Firms

Many of our valued customer have been with us for over 15 years because our commitment to provide the best and most reliable service your organization requires.

So, remember, when if comes to your mailing needs,



We're On Time,

Every Time!

Because our Business Depends on it.